Firm Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide high-quality, timely accounting and consulting services to our clients.  We regard our relationship with clients as a partnership in the true sense of the word, that is, a relationship whereby both parties benefit significantly from their association.

Jones Simkins is the largest local CPA firm in Logan and one of the largest CPA firms in Utah.  The size of our firm is important to our clients for two reasons.  First, as a local firm we are not too large, and therefore, the partners are the client’s main contact.  This allows the partner to have an in-depth knowledge of client’s businesses and needs.  Second, our firm is large enough to provide specialists in several disciplines including, but not limited to, accounting, auditing, corporate income tax, multi-state income tax, strategic tax planning, estate tax planning, and management advisory services (including internal controls and process management).  In addition, our partners and professional staff have extensive knowledge of QuickBooks and other accounting software packages.  QuickBooks is the primary software package used in the bookkeeping segment of our business and we consult extensively with clients and non-clients regarding the functions and operations of QuickBooks.

The cornerstone of our firm is knowledgeable people providing quality, timely services.  We devote significant resources to training our people.  All of our professionals have access to up-to-date and complete technical information (accounting and tax).  We are committed to providing our professionals with computer technology tools to allow them to serve the client in the most efficient manner possible.

We believe the client comes first, and therefore, are committed to be accessible and available.  We encourage periodic meetings between our firm and our clients in order to remain up-to-date with the their goals and objectives and the progress and direction of the client’s business.  This allows us the ability to identify tax savings opportunities that may be available.