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Entry Level Auditor

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A good candidate for our entry-level auditor position requires a candidate that is detail-oriented and proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Auditors with up to three years of experience will be able to (with some help):

  • Perform audits designed to evaluate risk and test internal controls, as well as identify opportunities for best practices and more efficient operational processes.
  • Determine compliance with established group policies and procedures.
  • Conduct interviews and walk-through’s, performing analysis to identify key business risks and controls.
  • Prepare reports of findings and recommendations that will identify and monitor business opportunities for improvement.
  • Remain current and increase knowledge in the areas of auditing, accounting, business and industry trends.
  • Conduct special studies for management, as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The perfect candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, be dependable, professional, and have a cooperative demeanor, be self-motivated to learn. Must be CPA eligible.

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Staff Level Auditor

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A good candidate for our staff level audit position requires a candidate that is detail oriented and proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Auditors with five to eight years of experience in public or private accounting will be able to:

  • Execute audits, including completion of design flows, risk assessments, testwork/workpapers, and audit findings with minimal assistance from the in-charge/management. As needed and as skillset allows, perform in-charge roles on less complex audits with Senior/Management assistance
  • Identify control weaknesses, regulatory compliance issues, and other areas of risk
  • Assist the manager with planning and reporting as needed.
  • Complete audit assignments in an efficient and timely manner (i.e., by the budgeted/estimated dates and provide updates to management as needed)
  • When performing an audit as the manager, review work of staff, demonstrating effective leadership skills on a continuous basis, including discussion of performance development opportunities with staff with guidance from management.
  • Consistently work to bring in new business grow the firm,
  • Provide support to team members on engagement

The perfect candidate will have a bachelors or master’s degree in accounting or finance along with their CPA license

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Are you a Business Owner?

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Business owners can generally deduct losses on their tax returns. But the activity must show a profit motive by operating in a businesslike manner. The U.S. Tax Court denied loss deductions to one beauty consultant due to a lack of a profit motive. She had no financial statements or records of time spent on the activity. She also had no expertise in the industry and appeared motivated in part by a discount she received on products she bought for herself. And her losses included travel expenses that appeared to be personal, not business-related. (TC Memo 2018-116)