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United Way – Bear River Head Start Day of Caring

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Ted Jeppsen, Tanner Marchant & Greg Barton at work!


Bob Thomas, Tax Partner

JS was able to participate in the local Day of Caring through the United Way on Friday, September 16.  It was nice to get a few hands out there in the community and do something for a morning (besides punching numbers at a desk)!  Jones Simkins cares about the community and strives to take care of people while at their desk or outside the office!


img_6789 img_6792

Thanks to all those that helped with the United Way/Bear River Head Start “Day of Caring”!

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Jones Simkins goes on Retreat!

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Jones Simkins was able to sneak away on a quick retreat to the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It was a great firm building activity!  Here are some fun photos from our excursion:

caaron-1230pm-aug11-lc-1 caaron-1230pm-aug11-lc-3

Pictured above: River Guide Aaron, Mark, Colleen, Anselina, Rob, Sharon, Greg, Jason, Chelsea, Kaylee, Ashley and Vance!

claire-1230pm-aug11-lc-1 claire-1230pm-aug11-lc-5

Pictured above: River Guide Claire, Brent, Allyson, Tony, Jackie, Curtis, Kevin, Richard, Dawn & Dan!

collin-1230pm-aug11-lc-4 collin-1230pm-aug11-lc-7

Pictured above:  River Guide Collin, Rick, Amanda, Gibbons, Arla, Brooks, Lindsey, Jake & Terrah!

luke-1230pm-aug11-lc-5 luke-1230pm-aug11-lc-9

Pictured above:  River Guide Luke, Mike, Elaine, Tyler, Tiffany, Jalene, EJ, Rob, and Clint!

orion-1230pm-aug11-lc-3 orion-1230pm-aug11-lc-7

Pictured above:  River Guide Orion, Paul, LeAnn, Jennie, Jared, Kim, Darin, Ted, Bryce, Izaak, Michael & Madison!

zach-1230pm-aug11-lc-1 zach-1230pm-aug11-lc-9

Pictured above: River Guide Zach, Bob, Lisa, Mitch, Scott, Sierra, Carleen, Larry, and Chris!

001 002 003 004 005 006 007

After the river rafting adventure, we met up with Leslie, Reagan and Adam from our firm at the Flying Saddle Resort in Alpine for a nice dinner.  Those that couldn’t make it to either the river or the dinner were missed!  It was a very great day!!