Improved Filing Season Predicted

Improved Filing Season Predicted

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Jones Simkins’ Tax Team Member, Angie Thompson:


Angie predicts improved filing season.  Her research has found:

  • During the 2015 filing season, IRS customer service hit an all-time low with less than 40 percent of taxpayers successfully reaching an IRS agent. To combat this significant barrier President Obama signed into law “The Consolidated Appropriations Act” which will provide an additional $290 million to areas of concern within the IRS such as the IRS’s customer service, cyber security and tax-related identity theft. The additional funding will provide the IRS with the resources necessary to hire an additional 1,000 customer service representatives to answer calls during the 2016 filing season. The IRS reminds taxpayers that even with these additional resources, individuals will still have wait times before getting through to a representative.
  • The IRS, along with state tax authorities and tax preparers are coming together to reduce the incidence of tax-related identity theft with its “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign. Some changes made within this campaign are:
    • private-sector software has new requirements for passwords
    • IRS software has added new processing filters and safeguards.